Don’t miss out on the chance to save hundreds
Don’t miss out on the chance to save hundreds
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Don’t miss out on the chance to save hundreds

Home owners and tenants have until 13 February to save money on their energy bills with East Northamptonshire Council’s (ENC) collective switching scheme.

ENC has once again teamed up with leading collective switching expert, iChoosr, to take part in the Big Community Switch to help you get a better deal on your gas and/or electricity.

The free scheme, known as Switch Save Smile, invites you to join forces and pay less for your energy. The more people who register, the greater the chance of getting a competitive energy deal.

Energy suppliers will then be invited to take part in the auction to bid against each other to offer the best deal.

The cheapest tariff offered will win, and everyone who registered will be sent details of how much money they could save, together with a no-obligation offer to switch. Average savings per household were more than £350 last year!

The process is very simple:

Register – Anyone who pays a household energy bill can register for the scheme, even if you don’t live in East Northants. The quickest and easiest way to register is online. You will need a gas/electricity bill for information about your existing tariff and consumption. Registration takes less than 10 minutes must be completed by 13 February.

Consider the offer – The supplier who puts forward the cheapest tariffs gets to offer you a new contract. You will receive a personal offer which will show you how much money you could save.

Make a decision – You have plenty of time to decide whether you want to switch or not. You do not have to accept the offer. If you do accept, iChoosr will take care of the entire switching process for you

Leader of ENC, Steven North, said: “Switch Save Smile is a hassle-free way of making sure you’re getting a good deal from your energy supplier. So many people haven’t got time to compare tariffs or find the whole process quite daunting. But with iChoosr all you need to do is register and let them do all the hard work for you.

Over 300 households have registered so far and it would be great if even more people took this opportunity. The greater the sign up, the greater the savings could be, so after you’ve completed your own registration please remind your friends, family and neighbours to do the same.”

For more information and/or to register, please visit or call 01832 742121.

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