The Carbon Impact of Everyday Things
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The Carbon Impact of Everyday Things

Join us for our second online OWL talk.

Luke Gaydon, co-founder of sustainability start-up Terra Neutra, talks about his mission to create a carbon positive world. Starting with his own personal journey to reduce his carbon footprint, Luke will discuss the different mechanisms Terra Neutra are using to bring the concept of ‘carbon cost’ into the mainstream and why he believes that consumers have the power to change the world.

This session will address the following questions:

1) How ‘carbon-aware’ are we?

2) What tools are available to us to reduce our carbon footprint?

3) As consumers, how can we drive change?

The OWL talks are part of Oundle Waste Less, a Transition Oundle project, which aims to encourage people to make simple changes to reduce unnecessary waste, and, in turn reduce their impact on the environment.

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02 Dec 2020


8:00 pm - 9:15 pm



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