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Heartstart Oundle

Emergency Life Support Training for Oundle & District ‘Simple Skills Save Lives’

Heartstart Oundle is affiliated to and members are trained by the British Heart Foundation; it is organised by the Rotary Club of Oundle to provide training for the people of Oundle and District in emergency life support procedures.

The training sessions take about 2 hours.  Instruction is provided in the skills needed to assist casualties while waiting for the emergency services. These skills can be life saving. The sessions are practical and cover the actions to take, in the event of sudden collapse, heart attack, cardiac arrest, choking and severe bleeding, and include the Recovery Position, CPR and the use of Automatic External Defibrillators.

The skills are simple to learn, you never know when you might need them. Come and learn how to save a life, the training courses are free. For more information and to book a course, contact:

Heartstart Oundle Coordinator: Trevor Brant, Tel: 01832 273401 | [email protected]
Heartstart Oundle Scheme Leader: Alan Williamson, Tel: 01823 270934 | [email protected]

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