Oundle (ENC) Customer Service Centre
Oundle (ENC) Customer Service Centre
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Oundle (ENC) Customer Service Centre

East Northamptonshire Council operates a service centre in Oundle on weekdays 10am to 1pm.

Oundle Library
Glapthorn Road

The following services are available at the Oundle Customer Service Centre:

Report a problem:
• Missed refuse or recycling bin
• Waste or recycling spillage on the public highway
• Dog fouling on the public footpath
• Street cleansing issues
• Fly tipping or illegal dumping
• Clearance of needles in public areas
• Abusive graffiti on Council buildings
• Removal of dead animals on the highway
• Lost or found dog
• Problems with dog bins and litter bins

Get information on:
• Refuse and recycling, ordering or replacing bins
• Clinical waste collection scheme
• Removal of small domestic asbestos
• Local planning applications
• Local tourism
• Your local councillor

Book a council service:
• Make an appointment for a Pest Control visit
• Garden Waste Service
• Household bulky collection
• Commercial waste collection
• Clinical Waste collection

Help with Council Tax or Housing benefit applications
• Application forms available
• Document checking service
• Additional documents photocopied

Pay council bills
• Payments taken by cheque only
East Northamptonshire Council may also be contacted via the main council offices in Thrapston:
by Phone: 01832 742000
by Email: [sf_email][email protected][/sf_email] on-line: www.east-northamptonshire.gov.uk

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