Oundle Rifle and Pistol Club
Oundle Rifle and Pistol Club
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Oundle Rifle and Pistol Club

Founded in 1928, Oundle Rifle and Pistol Club is a thriving target shooting club that shoots a wide variety of disciplines and enjoy strong and active support from our membership. With five different ranges across our two separate sites the club caters for full-bore, small-bore, air rifle/pistol, gallery rifle, black-powder and practical shotgun shooting.

The club has two ranges, an indoor facility in the town of Oundle and an outdoor facility at Barnwell. The Oundle range has two 25 yard ranges offering small-bore, air, gallery and black-powder disciplines. The outdoor range Barnwell has three ranges – 25, 50 and 100 yards – all with covered firing points. We shoot all the indoor disciplines plus centre-fire rifle, practical shotgun and action competitions with turning targets. The 50 yard range is also certificated for the use of 12 gauge solid-slug.

The club is Home-Office approved and are affiliated to the NRA, NRSA and the UKPSA.


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